Monday, May 26, 2008

t minus 5 hours

we will be leaving Itu in 5 hours. 

not yet packed. 

SO MUCH has happened that we will LOVE to blog about. 
but we will have to wait another day, and blog at an American Coffee Shop with WiFi, 
because i really need to pack. 

so, please come back in 24 hours. 
the stories are amazing. 

we love you. 
we will see you soon!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Youth Seminar

A few months back one of the young men in our church who works as a Portuguese teacher in a local high school had an idea.  He said, there are so many parents and teachers desperate for some help in knowing how to deal with their kids, why don't we offer something as a church to help?  So we spent a lot of time over the last few months praying, scheming, preparing & propagating, and this last Saturday we hosted a seminar on adolescence for the community.  

We were blessed with a great team to work with!  Our team consisted of two med students, two teachers, Ali and myself, her parents, and a top rate chef!  Classes included a session on the physical changes that occur during adolescence, working with adolescence in school, working with groups of adolescence/adolescence in the church, adolescence in the home.

The great thing about Saturday was that we, as a body of Christ, were able to meet a group of struggling people in their need.  It is hard to raise and work closely with youth, and there are very few supporting venues here.  Jesus is all about being the helping hand for those in need.  It was our blessing to be able to be that helping hand, reaching out to some new friends who were anxious to receive.


Guto (above) is a Mathematics and English teacher.  He co-taught the session on adolescence in the school.


After the first two sessions, we enjoyed a lunch put together by Myuwa, an excellent chef and close friend in our church.

Ali and I taught together regarding working with groups of adolescence, and leading youth in their natural search of spirituality.


Ali's parents, Antenor and Phyllis taught about raising adolescence in the home.


We finished up with an "open panel" discussion for any questions.  The last picture is our team together.  Praise the Lord for great co-workers!  This seminar was truly blessed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

children's camp.

a great benefit of a catholic country is all the holidays that exist!
in the month of April, we had 3 long weekends! which means kids had off school either Friday, Monday, or Thursday (Thursday = Thursday + Friday) 

As you know, Mark and I are leading the youth group ministry here in Itu, are heavily involved in the married couples ministry, and have several tangent projects along the way. 

So why not dip our toes into children's ministry?? 

We sowed the idea of having the first children's (ages 7-10) camp for the church, and organized a team to help us lead/teach. 

Last Wednesday we gathered 17 children & 10 adults, and went to camp for 4 days. 
It was a lot of fun! As Mark so wisely put it, our favorite kind of kids are the ones you can hand back at the end of the weekend! 

Enjoy the pics!


cold nights around the fire

first marshmallow roasting ever!
game time
take a hike with mark and his machete

Monday, May 5, 2008

furlough #1

hello people!

we have our tickets!

Mark and I will be arriving in the US for our first furlough on May 27th. 
We are also going to rejoice with my little bro and his soon-to-be wife    - their wedding will be on June 8th. 

we will be in Texas for 8 days, and Oklahoma for 2 or 3. 
then Ohio for 20 days. 

we look forward to a visit with you!

we love you!