Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Kaisers in the house!

After a bit of a blog break, we’re back! Thanks for not giving up on us. 


So, we’re in our new house now, and we love it!  We now have a bed, closet, oven, fridge, table… and a couch that we received today!  Wahoo!  Our major lacking right now is Internet, thus the communication drop.  Sorry! But we will have that installed as soon as we can.   Also, we have pics of the house to show you, but after a half hour of trying I am finding that the internet here is not going to tolerate any such picture nonsense today.   So... I'll try again another day!

It is great being able to have our own pad to invite people into!  Currently in house we are hosting an open lunch on Tuesdays for any visitors who can come on their lunch hour from work (targeting ages 20 – 30 something), our youth group on Thursday nights, and our young professionals Bible study on Saturday nights.  Our youth group also uses our house to host a baby-sitting service during the married couples meetings. 


It may seem redundant to be posting about our home again… but we are just so dang excited about it!


On March 22nd we are having a special party at our home. We’re calling it the DEDICATION Par-te. We are inviting all of our friends – from church, from the gym, from the market, from our favorite juice place, etc – to come and be blessed by what God has blessed us with. We want to take a night and publicly declare that the house will be used for God’s ministry in Itu.


So please be praying for this event. Pray that the amazing love of God will be in that place and in our hearts!


We love you, each of you, so much. Thank you for your support. We would not be here without your willingness to contribute.


Mark and Ali


Thursday, February 14, 2008

oh yeah!

it´s not valentines here... that´s why i forgot.



no, we are not prego.

but we DID find a cute corner of the Earth to rent for the next 2 years.
since arriving from Carnival weekend, we have been painting, cleaning, shopping for furniture, etc. fun, tiring, and long journey.

guys, we need to share a story with you about this house.

a couple of weeks before we left the US, one of Mark´s cousins invited us to work for him at the FARM PROGRESS SHOW in Decatur, Illionois. This thing is huge! there were over 150k ppl each day (4 day event) coming thru these fair grounds. The nutorious end of summer heat caused over 15 heat strokes the second day! it was a tad warm.
On our final day, as we were walking out of the show, we came accross a group of Brazilians.
There were 6 college aged guys who we helped find the exit. As we exchanged small talk, we realized that 3 of the guys lived with my cousin in a small Brazilian town during their undergrad!! Seriouly! I met my cousin´s roomates in Decatur, Ill.
There was also a guy named Andre that is getting his masters at Auburn who said he was from Itu. So we celebrated our connection as well.
This was in August.

Mid December we were told about this little home that was up for rent.
The minute we walked into the gates, we fell in love!
There is a huge front yard (in Brazilian standards) with 9 different kinds of fruit trees!, several of which you have never heard of. There is a large outside area for entertaining. The house itself is small, but very cozy. Just perfect.
So after a few visits with the owner, we decide that it is time to sit for an official proposal meeting. His children would be in town for Christmas, so we would meet on the 21st.
Mark and I rang the bell that morning, and waited for the gate to open. (Ok, this is shocking). So the gate opens... and Andre pops his head out... as we are all paralyzed for a couple of seconds... then he says "YOU GUYS??? HERE???"... and the 3 of us laughed out of astonishment for 5 minutes. Then we walked into the home like old friends and closed the deal.

When my Dad heard this story he said, "That house has been yours for a while."

How beautiful. God had saved our favorite one for us before we knew it.

We will post pics ASAP.

And we hope you can come visit soon. =)

Much love,

Friday, February 1, 2008


This weekend is to be a pretty wild time in Brazil; Carnival, the biggest party on the planet. EVERY thing shuts down here over the next few days. So, the church is taking the opportunity to have a fun time of fellowship, teaching, and worship together. Tomorrow morning at 5 AM we will be leaving from the church in a 8 car caravan up to the northern part of Sao Paulo state were a group of about 400 of us will be together in a school that has been rented out for the event. Sleeping in the school, eating in the school, having our gatherings in the school... should be a crazy time.

Ali and I are responsible for the youth specific part of the program. We expect about 80 participants more or less. We will be using the same themes and some of the same classes as we did in the camp as it will be all new participants. We were blessed to be able to get all but one of the team members (pictured here in talent show night) we had for camp back to help with this event! Please pray that God will use this effort as he did the last. And thanks for your prayers, it makes all the difference in the world! Okay, off to grab the precious little sleep I can.

Have a wonderful weekend.
the Kaisers