Tuesday, April 27, 2010

enjoying a picnic lunch last Sunday with amazing community.

have you ever been hiking in beautiful, tall, majestic mountains?
weeks or months of preparation- living in the theoretical climb - preparing your body, materials, setting goals, etc.

then the day of the journey arrives. when you begin the the first morning hours, the mountain stands strong between you and the horizon. as the hours go by, it grows bigger and closer and steeper, and before you know it, you're breathing deeper, your brow and hair are damp, and your skin blushes from the rush.

i think this captures well where we are in life today.

the first months of the year have been incredible months of events and conversations and experiences that have prepared us for the mountains ahead.

we've started the climb.

all the preparations for our bilingual camp (www.camproots.blogspot.com), the meetings and training for our medical campaign (www.curabrazil.com), gathering information to begin our "I Care" Association (an official organization of all of our social work ministry efforts, including our new Relief Efforts for RiodeJaneiro), and dreaming about our Urban Community Center.

we will keep you in tune with the climb. it'll be long and hard, but more exciting and rewarding.

much love.
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