Saturday, December 13, 2008

life for the past 2 weeks

school is out for SUMMER VACATION, and our house has been fuller than ever for the past couple of week -- well, maybe not EVER, but close. 

the youth group activities have been well attended, and long lasting. Several kids end up spending the evening...night....weekend =) 

we also have established the Kaiser Hostile on the weekends - where at leat 7 friends come to spend the weekend at the house with us. 

Carol and Amanda are home for Christmas. Amanda will job hunt and establish her carrier now (blessings!) and Carol returns to us in January! 

here are some shots of latest youth activities, and our hostile peeps. 

life is good. 

buckeye caught chewing on plugs...

showing our muscles after ACAI on Sunday afternoons

Christmas party with youth group

friends from far away here for the end of the year

blessings on your Holidays!