Monday, March 24, 2008

go, go, go ...crash!

all of my friends in college said i lived on a crazy cicle of going till i could go no longer, then crashing hard with some illness that required a combo of Day/NyQuill. 

it's still the same. 

our house party was AMAZING! there was a sto
rm very similar to the great OT flood at the hour we had planned to begin... because of this only about 110 guests showed up. I was thankful for the storm! ha!  it was so much fun, thou! we had ppl from 3 different cities, and our DEAR friends from Ohio (woohoo Luke and Shethal!) 
the party lasted till 6pm on Sunday. We had about 8 spend the night, then church, then lunch together, then a walk thru Itu. Tons of fun, and really exhausting!

i now have a cold. shocker.  =)

we are focusing on having fun with our Buckeye buds now. one day we will find a connection strong enough to upload pictures. until then, use your imagination! ha!

surprise!!! :
we love you each so much. 

praising Him for all His love, 


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

just some random updates so you can feel a part of things

* one of my dear cousins is graduating with her Law degree this weekend (this will be our 11th family member active in Law - wanna fight?). Her family has rented a house for a huge weekend family gathering and cellabration! it´ll be fun and wild and very brazilian.

* next weekend (easter) some of our DEAR friends are coming directly from OH-IO for a visit! woohoo! Luke & Shithol will be spending 6 days with us here. They promised not to sleep while in Itu so we can cram as many activities and restaurants as possible.

* the day of thier arrival there will be our HOUSE INAUGURATION par-tè!! we have invited over 200 ppl, and expect about half to come and spend the evening with us! all of YOU are invited as well! it will be a delight the day YOu come visit, too!

i think that´s it. trust me, i want to post pictures more than all of you want to see them! but, no cooperation just yet from technology on my side and it´s driving me mad.

we love you!
thanks for taking interest in our lives.


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

internet at home -- what a noble idea!

some things we miss about the US - the convinience of having options when researching things like internet at home. In Itu there are 2 choices, both rudely overpriced.

we are promising to ourselves that tomorrow will be the day we sit, call and choose, so that we are not limited to my parents home any and everytime we need the virtual pages at our fingertips.

and then hopefully our connection will be picture-posting capable!

anxious to show you our world,

ali and mark