Thursday, February 25, 2010

february... at the end??

mark became a hair stylist for our homeless. as long as all you need is a buzz, he does a great job!

our first hiho lunch gathering of 2010

the beautiful Blume girl came for a visit, and we had a blast dragging them thru our life =)

*it's crazy to realize that we are already knocking at the door of the 3rd month of the year!

we've survived an incredible month of welcoming new people into our lives and home, carnival trip with youth group, 2010 church vision meetings, and development of our youth and homeless ministries.

tomorrow we are headed to GOIANIA (state about 600 miles NORTH of SAO PAULO) to share at a youth conference about "youth that makes a difference". very excited to spend time with my family in Goiania also!

we are enjoying a cool, cloudy day after surviving several very blazing and humid ones!
God is gracious.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Its Carnival week, biggest party on the planet! So we are about to hit the road with our youth to a camp. The camp is small (60 people or so) and will take place in a Christian drug rehab facility. This will be a great stretching experience for our kids!

We have had a great week with our youth already too. We have been in a series defining the purpose of our group. We use our living room wall as a white board. the effect of suppressed childhood urges :) They have played a great part in solidifying this vision with us. They also came to help with our homeless lunch yesterday. Check out the video, it was a blast! And Christ's love was played out in a way that blessed our kids, and our homeless. Serving God can make for such a fun life!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

a new member of our family

it's hard to believe we were away for 3 months... we've been back for 3 weeks now, and it seems we never left.

several incredible things have happened since we returned, but one we would specially like to share!
a friend of ours, Leonardo Carioca, decided after a visit to Itu from Sao Paulo that he witnessed in itu a movement he wanted to be a part of!
so after a couple of months of prayer and brainstorming, Carioca is now a part of our team!
he has initially joined us as an intern for 6 months! we are incredibly blessed to have him here as a part of our family!
Carioca has a business management degree, and also has extensively studies marketing. he will be developing the "communications project" for the church.

thank you for your prayers and support! many more victory stories to come...