Thursday, February 19, 2009

Prayer Request

Right now is youth group time for us, but instead of being with all the kids I am sick and in bed! My wonderful wife, who is always ready to pick up the slack, is meeting with the kids at the church building (they usually fill our house). I am getting better now, for the last two days I have had a fever, and last night I spent from 4am on sitting up on our couch because laying down had become unbearable. So later this morning we went to the docs office where they gave me some meds by IV and more to take home with me. Now my fever is better and my throat is getting there, but please pray that I will heal quickly.

 It's Carnival time here in Brazil, time to make a retreat with the youth or lose them forever! :) Okay that's a joke... mostly. Carnival is 3 days of huge parties in the streets. It's the time of year where anything goes with anybody. So we try to provide an alternative more fitting to the life styles our kids are choosing to lead. With that in mind, tomorrow in a 3 car caravan we will be driving 10 hours north to meet up with a gathering in Belo Horizante. I will be driving an old Volkswagen van with 7 kids in it, so I really need to get better!

Thanks so much for your prayers, at times like this it is great to have the support of the body of Christ!