Wednesday, June 9, 2010

a very special family day

Our church had a family day last week. We rented a retreat center that is located on a farm about 30 minutes outside of Itu. The day was fantastic and it brought together the different families of our church in an amazing ways. I borrowed a Volkswagen van to take in addition to our car and so I was able to take some of our homeless friends. They got really scared when I showed up though. They are staying in a house that they found open and as I arrived another family was following me in a SUV. They thought it was the owner of the house coming to kick them out! They freaked and ran to gather up their stuff... and were so relieved to hear that the car was with us!

A fun thing about these events is that they serve as equalizers amongst all who come. We player soccer, ate food, sang songs, played more soccer, talked, laughed, swam, walked - as one huge Christian family. It was a great way to include those on the fringes and celebrate unity we learn in Christ. Here are a few pictures.