Tuesday, September 22, 2009

mexican food, here we come!

ANNOUNCEMENT: we are headed to the USA for our furlough in NOVEMBER!

We will be spending close to 3 months traveling around Texas (from Nov-mid Dec), Oklahoma (early Dec) and Ohio (from mid Dec-mid Jan) visiting all the wonderful people we miss so much -- and stuffing our faces with mexiacan food while we're at it!

please put us down on your calendars, so we can be sure to visit with you and your family!
and churches, please be patient as we are organizing this monster for the first time... we will contact you soon.

you have helped us live our dream!
much love


Monday, September 14, 2009

glimpses of our summer

our incredible CAMP VICTORY 2009

our new church building innaugurated!

medical campaign volunteers (amazing people!)

medical campaign doctors, nurses and med students (amazing people!)

mark and i celebrated our 5th year anniversary in the midst of the medical campaign

Max Lucado's visit

Lucados with our house crew

the acappella show

Sunday, September 6, 2009

hundreds have helped

as you well know, multitudes were involved in all the campaigns this summer (camp, medical campaign, lucados' visit, acappella show, and follow up)! and we could not have survived the rush without them!

but we wanted to make sure that our interns got a special mention, that we paid our due respect to these friends that dedicated continuous time to the ministries here in itu!

Mary Lou, Kris, Katie, Garrett and Carol helped keep us alive, energetic, laughing, brainstorming, creating, dancing, singing, and enjoying the hectic speeds.

we love you, beautiful people!
may our journeys overlap again!