Thursday, May 14, 2009

backtrack about 3 weeks with me

hello blog!

as you know, we had a great month of March full of fundraisers and anticipation of our first youth group mission trip. on April 17th, we packed the Kombi + 2 cars, and ventured down to Praia Grande, where we met with the youth group of a brand new church.

there were 21 in our group, and about 11 in their group. it was a very manageable number to handle, which we were thankful for, especially during the afternoons at the beach (mark and i both have life guard training and experience, which makes it hard to relax with 30 teenagers at a beach). 

although the weekend brought about several unexpected factors (1.their group was significantly younger than ours;2. some rainy days; 3.a few adolescent radical, unpredicted mood swings-- to the fans of Animaniacs, we had Katie KaBoom along for the trip) we were very proud of our Kaiseres (the name of our youth group) and how they entered into the new dynamics of the event. 

mark and i presented 3 discussion themes. first, "who is Jesus"  exploring the deeper meaning to the text "i am the way, truth and life". second, "wall or trampoline" a beautiful metaphor originated by Bell to explain the roots and consequences of legalism in our hearts. third, "what now?" helping them understand the next steps of faith. 

our next big youth event: JUNE 7TH : VIRADOS PARA FORA - Turned InsideOut. The group *not us* is planning and organizing a weekend with all the regional youth groups. we are anticipating hosting over 60 kids in Itu. the Kaiseres are preparing homes, meals, classes, games, sports,  Sunday service.... it will be a fantastic weekend! please pray in their favor. 

thank you for your interest in our lives.
we know the blessing of having friends and family that are in tune and supportive of the life we lead in the name of Christ. 

with much love -- 

Monday, May 4, 2009

directly from maceio

hi everyone!

i am sorry we have dropped off the face of the Earth.
right after our youth mission trip we ventured up north to participate in the North Eastern church conference. mark and i were invited to speak to the youth. it was incredible!

we made a road trip out of it, and have visited several good friends along the way.
we are headed home today, but it will take about 6 days to get back to Sao paulo.

as soon as we arrive we have pics and stories galore!

we appreciate your prayers for our safety... and the impact that the message has had in many young hearts arond Brazil!

talk to you at the end of the week --