Wednesday, July 29, 2009

abundant living

Bilingual Camp,

Community Party,


Medical Campaign,

Max & Denalyn Lucado's visit,

Acappella Show.

this was our month of July!
we have spent today recovering.
and tomorrow i will attempt at painting the picture of how each of these events have changed our community, our church, our ministry and our lives.

Resting in His arms...

Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday, July 6, 2009

excerpt from our life

God is at work in wonderful ways here -  I don't have it in me to blog about it so I am just going to post an email I just sent to my family. More to come when we can get a breather. Understand that the language used in this email was selected in part because one of the recipients was my sister who serves as a missionary undercover in China - her email is subject to being looked at so they request no overt Christian lingo. God is good, all the time. Here's the update -

We are in a final stretch of a string of back to back campaigns here - last week we directed a camp with a group of about 30 americans and 70 brazilians, it was amazing and we saw some incredible work that was not of us!  There are a couple newbies in our family now. :)
Today we dropped Carol off at the airport to fly back home after having worked with us for a year. She has been an intern of ours since the last bilingual camp, there is no good way to do a update on this part - we sent away a big piece of who we have become. 
We drove from the airport back to Itu where we had the first day of a medical campaign we have been organizing. 140 some people were attended by a mix of American and Brazilian dentists, gynecologists, psychologists, med-students... I pitched in with translating and crowd control. We also offer a time of sports, I taught a jujitsu class to the kids. It's been a great way to show the love of the great physician. 
Ali and I have a packed house during this week - 4 in our 2 bed rooms, 3 or 4 in the living room, and the rest in a tent that's set up in the garage. Last night we had one in the tent who left early this morning, and we have been trying to figure out all day who it was! The two guys who slept with him thought it was Bruninho, but he slept upstairs with Manu... crazy life! 
Okay, i'm going to get some sleep.
love you guys!