Wednesday, June 18, 2008

too short

Mark's parents with their first catch!
on the boat

our cool nephew Cole
Mark's brother, Scott, wife Laura, & Cole

we are quickly realizing that no time would be long enough to feel like we have completely caught up with all of our wonderful friends and family in Buckeye land. 

we have been so spoiled here! between brazilian dinner parties and afternoons on the boat/tube there is not much else we could wish for... maybe that everyone we know here would rent a hotel for 1 week and live together so that it would be just one, great, huge PARTY! 

we have a few more days here, and more plans than we could possibly fit into the schedule! 
but we look forward to the visits we still have, and the whole KAISER CLAN will be together this weekend! (immediate fam = 20+ ppl)

if we seem to disappear for a while, now you know why!

enjoying life, 

Saturday, June 14, 2008


and here is my amazing, strong, athletic husband skiing! 

Thursday, June 12, 2008

and last leg of texas trip

so after the wedding, my parents and mark and i headed to AUSTIN! 
(i am still trying to post a couple of videos of the wedding...)

in Austin we spent time with Jonathan&Jessica and lil' Simone! 
J&J were interns in Itu while i was in High School, and then later lived in Itu to work with the youth group. Mark and i were very anxious to spend time with them and share experiences =)
We had great conversations and left very encouraged.. tired, but encouraged! =)

We also spent some time with mom's family in Buda, TX. 
They are always so entertaining and the few hours we have with them are precious. 

To all of you that we had a chance to see - it was amazing! thank you for being a part of our life! 
to all of those that we will soon see -- can't wait! it will be a great way to end an unforgettable trip! 


Thursday, June 5, 2008

snap shots of us in US

what?? leg room ???
Oklahoma friends, David & Kathleen
Ali's 8th grade friends! Bill & Amy
50s Cafe & burgers... (and yes, DR.PEPPER!)
Karen, precious friend and amazing mom!
have i mentioned the LEG ROOM around here??
we look alike?? hahah! here's the groom!
Thai meal in Abilene 
Granbury oasis...
  Mexican ice cream in Abilene
Charlie & Anna are parents!!! 
a night under the stars and angels wings 

great stories behind every pic! 

tomorrow begins the pre-wedding festivities.
then we are headed to O-H-I-O for some time with our favorite buckeyes!

resting in Him, 

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

crazy, wild arrival

sometimes you get so far behind, you begin wondering if there is really any point in writing ALL that has passed... so before i get to that point, here is a catch-up blog:

ok, we got packed.
but only after we received the WHOLE youth group to our home for an all day/all night event (thursday). they set up camp in our front yard, but i bailed at 11:30 since we had another 3 big events before the international trip on Monday...

Friday we headed to SAO PAULO for PASSION. amazing. there were over 2,000 university students from ALL OVER Brazil together to worship. it was also incredible getting to spend time with Soraya, Vitinho and Pedro, dear friends that we went with to PASSION. (

yada yada yada

so we landed in DFW last Tuesday night after 14 hours of delay...
and since then have been to Midwest City, OK, Belton, TX, Granbury, TX, Fort Worth, TX, Abilene, TX. it's been refreshing and encouraging to be with ol' and new friends and churches and family thru all the trips!

in Abilene it's been extra special, since my family has been together during the last few days before Paul's wedding. we've treasured this time, but are thrilled to be receiving beautiful Brooke as a new family member! tomorrow we head to Fort Worth, TX, for the pre-wedding/wedding activities, and on Saturday we go to Austin, TX, to spend time with good'ol goudeaus and mom's family.

well, i think that's it in a nutshell.
we really, REALLY miss Buckeye! (there is a friend living in our home and caring for her.)
we've stuffed our faces with gringo food for the past week - mexican, burgers, cookies, pancakes...yummmm! (and yes, we can feel the diference)
and we are really excited about getting 2 weeks in OHIO still!

we'll post pics next. =)

loving it all!